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We are promoting the building of a community of supporters who care about the ministry of our school, pray for us regularly, support financially and want to have ongoing involvement with us in serving the Lord. To contribute to the building of such a support community we are sharing our resources with our supporters in a number of ways:

Forwarding email addresses - Are you having difficulties keeping your contacts informed about your correct email address because you have had to change it and may do so again? We offer the services of Supporters who contribute US$15 or more a year can ask for a permanent forwarding address: You provide this address to all your correspondents and you let us know to which address you want us to forward the mail with the address. When you need to have your mail sent to a new address, you only have to inform us of the change and all your contacts simply continue to use the permanent address. They don't even have to know that you have changed servers. Contact us:  

Web email accounts - How about a web-based email account like those offered by,,, etc., but one that is less complicated and places you in a biblical environment, without all the advertising? For contributors of US$20 annually we offer such an email account. With this service you also promote the International Reformed Theological College. Every message you send will contain a small footer saying, "Support biblical higher education worldwide:, " or something similar. If you want such an account with, send an email to us:

Group mailing lists or discussion lists - Do you have a discussion group or other group that you would like to bind together through email messages. We help you set up your group at Your group won't be bothered by all kinds of advertising. Just a simple footer suggesting support for the International Reformed Theological College. To set up your group contact us:

Announcements - For supporters who contribute US$30 per year we can post an announcement for your organization, family or business. No strong advertising, just a simple announcement to let other supporters know that you have something of interest for them. You  send us a banner (468 X 60) and we'll post it on this site. Contact us: