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A testimony from one of our students:

Francisco Celio Ribeiro de Lima lives in Imperatriz, a city in the north of Brazil. He is single, 39, has a law degree and works in a bank. He teaches Sunday School in his church and for this reason enrolled in the IRTC Bachelor of Theology program. Here's Celio:

My testimony concerning studies at the IRTC could be very long, but I'll point out that even before studying at this College I already was a Reformed Christian, but my knowledge of Reformed doctrine was much less than I myself could have imagined. However, after studying at the IRTC I acquired concepts that were fundamental for comprehending the Reformed faith as a well integrated and harmonious system and this has changed my life, my worldview, that is, my whole existence. Certainly, my life can be divided between pre-IRTC and post-IRTC.

Even acceptance of  doctrines of the Reformed Church that were difficult for me has changed.  They have become understandable. For example, it was possible to comprehend paedobaptism after studying Covenant Theology I. I myself am astounded how much an orthodox theological college that seeks to be faithful to the teachings of the Word of God, can change a person's life. I have more clarity for thinking about politics, society, church, communion, about God himself, about Jesus Christ and his work, etc. At this point, I cannot encounter any part of my thinking that has not been influenced by my IRTC studies. I even transferred to the Presbyterian Church of Brazil after coming to understand paedobaptism which was the only thing keeping me from joining this denomination, seeing as my theological and doctrinal affinity with this church was longstanding.

I want to say, then, that by founding the IRTC you were responsible for a true revolution in my life -- for the better, of course, much, much, much better. I always like to nourish the thought that I am forever in debt to the creators and supporters of the IRTC, as also to its instructors for each contributed his part to the revolution I succinctly described.

I have sought to express my gratitude to God and to you by my efforts to influence people  by means of the Reformed faith, not that the designation "Reformed faith" is anything of value in itself, but because I am convinced that it is the faithful expression of the right interpretation of the sacred Scriptures, which is its true value. After all, the value of something can only be measured by the light of the holy Word of our God.

Besides, the IRTC has given me (obviously, I am speaking from a human point of view -- there is always the powerful working of the Spirit of God) the capacity to think theologically, to develop my own thinking about many things, without letting this become an insurrection against the historic theology of the church of Christ. I think a theologian should have this capacity.

May this testimony, then, be passed on to those who in some way sustain the IRTC financially and spiritually, so that they may know that their efforts and resources are producing much fruit for the glory of God and of his Christ.

Celio Lima